Surprised that 67 have been granted asylum


Dear Editor,

On reading the AFC column (KN 06.11.19) I was quite shocked to learn that 67 Guyanese have been granted asylum in foreign countries. Most of these I assume are in Canada. I am not really surprised because people are being forced to leave.

Mr Donald Ramotar's response was that the Canadian authorities were wrong to grant asylum status to these Guyanese. Well Mr Ramotar should take a careful look at the actions of President Jagdeo over the last 5 to 6 years. He is travelling the world with his begging bowl and trying to maintain the status of this proud country Guyana as a HIPC - Highly Indebted Poor Country.

Drupatie Singh  Mahesh_Deokaran  Devi Fung - Canada

Clearly there is no plan to develop our national resources or a plan to create proper jobs for our people. The only alternative is for them to leave by whatever means necessary.

Mr Ramotar should understand that this situation is getting worse. Guyanese will leave and go anywhere to get away from the mess we have here.

Yours faithfully,

Raj Deonarine