The destruction of the young started soon after independence

Dear Editor,

I refer to the letter written by Desmond Trotman captioned ‘The destruction of the young among us calls out for national consensus’ published in the Stabroek News of  June 26.

Most of what is written in that letter is factual, however what should be understood is that the destruction started soon after Guyana became an independent nation. I am reminded here of what the UG lecturer, Dr Harold Luchman, told me at the Guyana Human Rights place on Brickdam in 1979, and that is, if democracy was to return that said year it would take fifty years to bring back Guyana to what it was at the time of independence.

So you see, Editor, the PPP government inherited a society in decay, or as Paul Tennessee puts it, a nation in ruins. A section of this society was fed the lie that the PPP was the enemy and that those who were considered PPP supporters could be targets for robbery and violence.

Another thing, just look at  the youths involved in violent crimes and one would see that many come out of homes with single mothers, and since the mothers have to work long hours to keep body and soul together, coupled with disrespect for the elected government and no proper effort, this nation is slipping badly. To bring some kind of order and morality back, all the people, organizations and churches, etc, have to start a moral revival. Fathers must be advised to stay with their children, mothers to guide their children. Those who advise that the PPP government and supporters are enemies must change their way of thinking and be honest with themselves and recognize that the government is for everyone. They must advise that the government should be respected and people should be good citizens. They must build, not wreck.

Yours faithfully,
W P George