Remaining missing army weapons will be recovered-Rohee


Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee is confident that the rest of the missing army assault rifles will be found.




33 of its high-powered AK-47 rifles have been stolen from the weapons storage bond at its Camp Ayanganna headquarters in Georgetown


“It is inevitable that these weapons will be found; it is only a matter of time,” the Minister stated yesterday.

Within the past two months, the Joint Services have recovered 11 of the AK-47 assault rifles that went missing from the GDF bond at Camp Ayanganna .

The most recent one was found in the possession of wanted man Cyon Collier, who was captured in a house at Enterprise Road , Bachelor's Adventure on Thursday.

According to the Minister, the recent find, coupled with those that were recovered following the deaths of the Rose Hall bank robbers in Berbice, indicate that the missing weapons are in the hands of criminal elements.

Following the discovery of the loss of the weapons in February, the Joint Services launched a massive operation throughout the city, raiding several locations in the city and its environs.

The first weapon was found abandoned without being used in a clump of bushes during a raid at Melanie Damishana, East Coast Demerara.

Seven were recovered when eight bandits were cornered in a swamp near Canje, Berbice following robberies at the Rose Hall branches of the Republic and Demerara Banks.

Two more were found buried at Rising Sun, West Coast Berbice.

But while the weapons are being recovered, the investigation has not yet zeroed in on who was responsible for removing them from the well-guarded army headquarters.

“The police continue with their investigation, and I think that everybody is pleased to see that they are reaching, bit by bit, with some success. The point is that whatever is in the dark must come to light; these weapons can't be hidden forever. It can't be so, because the police are constantly looking for these weapons with the Joint Services as well,” the Home Affairs Minister stated.


Monday 10-09-20