Pre-dawn Buxton operations…
Romel Reman, five other wanted shot dead
Dead criminal - Romel Sylvester Reman
Dead criminal - Romel Sylvester Reman
--- one detained, ammunition seized
WANTED criminal, Romel Sylvester Reman, was one of six men killed in a pre-dawn Police/Army operation at Buxton, East Coast Demerara, yesterday.

Four of the other five have been identified as Akeem Hack known as “Chip Teeth”, three others known only as “Brazilian Buck”, “Wild Buck”, and “Froggie” or “Crapaud”.

Police were trying up to last night to ascertain the identities of the sixth person and the real names of the others.

The operation, conducted between 04:30 and 05:45 hours, intensified with the cordoning off of a building situated at the south eastern corner of Friendship, Middle Walk, and Pond Dam, and also resulted in one man being detained and a quantity of ammunition and other items seized.

The arsenal seized: one AK47 Assault Rifle; One M70 Assault Rifle; One Mosberg Pump Action shot gun with a screw-on rack to store ammunition; 310 rounds of 7.26 X 39 ammunition; 25 12-gauge cartridges and eleven magazines to fit the rifles; a pistol holster; a cell phone; Bushnel night vision binoculars; a pair of handcuffs; a pair of GDF camouflage shirts; two pairs of sneakers; one pair of slippers; two wigs; a tub in which the ammunition were stored; a quantity of clothing; one Holy Bible; and a syringe needle.

The other dead

A release issued by the GDF stated that during the operation, bandits opened fire on ranks in the inner cordon while trying to escape from the rear of the building which they were using as a “rest” house.

The ranks returned fire and when the confrontation ended, Remel and the five accomplices lay dead.

A Non Pariel resident, who lives along the Railway Embankment, recalled being awakened by a heavy exchange of gunfire emanating from the Buxton area.

Police had issued wanted bulletins for 21-year-old Romel Reman on November 07, 2002 and January 04, 2003, describing him as “armed and dangerous.”

The rap sheet had described Reman as medium built with a scar on his left hand arm who hailed from Berbice. He was born July 13, 1981.

Reman’s last known addresses were 49 Princess Street, Wortmanville, and 22 Duncan Street, Lodge.

Chronicle was reliably informed that ‘Chip Teeth’ was one of the masterminds behind the organization of criminal activities from Buxton and had eluded the police and army during several raids in the village.

 Thursday, June 05, 2003