Man executed in Bel Air shootout


Michel Outridge

Blood stains in vehicle in which williams was shot. (Delano Williams photo)

Last night a man called Axel Williams, who reportedly was the bodyguard of a popular city businessman, was executed in Ireng Street, Bel Air Park, in the vehicle in which he was driving. The vehicle, parked at the corner of Ireng and Ituni Streets, was riddled with bullets, its ignition still on.

The vehicle PHH 8117, belonging to Ashton & Debra Funeral Parlour, was at the time reportedly being driven by the-now-dead man who was confronted by a lone gunman around 7.15 p.m. as he was attempting to turn the corner after dropping off the businessman at his home.

Residents said the usual silence was shattered when gunshots erupted; they said some 12 shots were heard.

The window of a car which was parked at the corner of Ireng Street was shattered; the police secured the scene and picked up the spent shells, which belonged to an M-70 rifle, strewn in and around the vehicle.

From all indications the execution was well orchestrated.

One resident said that as the vehicle was turning, two men on a motorcycle rode up. One man came off the bike and the other rode off.

The lone gunman then opened fire on the vehicle, leaving the driver's body riddled with bullets.

Minutes after the gunfire ended the police took the body away.

Residents said that after the shooting the motorcycle returned for the gunman and they rode off calmly in the direction of Duncan Street.

An eyewitness said that the gunman was speaking on his cell phone before he opened fire as if he was being informed of the dead man's movements.

"The man in the vehicle had no chance because the gunman walked up and discharged about a dozen odd rounds at him, even though he initially attempted to return fire," said a resident.

One unconfirmed report stated that the dead man was attached to the feared "Phantom Force" and was fingered in the shooting to death of a food vendor early last year.

 Thursday, December 11, 2003