Two bandits robbed East Canje supermarket
 By KNews 
- One captured, one escaped

Public-spirited citizens responded promptly to the cry of robbery and after giving chase managed to capture one of two bandits who robbed a supermarket in Cumberland East Canje, Berbice of $333,420 in cash on Monday.

Two masked men who entered the business place posing as customers robbed the B.A. Satar and Sons Supermarket situated at 46 Section ‘C’ Cumberland, Canje.

Samdeo Singh, the owner of the S&S Supermarket  Loki Narine  Deoraj Jagdeo  Harold Narine

According to Nazirul Satar who occupies the premises with his mother, wife and child, he was not at home at the time of the incident. His mother and a sales girl was in the supermarket, his mother was in the cashier cage while the sales girl was out in the shop.

The two masked men with a gun and a cutlass entered the store pretending to be customers and after surveying the premises they pounced on the sales girl.
They subsequently attacked Mrs. Bibi Satar whom they gun-butted and caused to suffer a deep laceration to her head that forced her to be rushed to the hospital. The men then took the cash from the cashier’s cage and fled.
A number of nearby residents, who heard the cry of thief, responded promptly and gave chase to the robbers who attempted to escape into the bushes.
The bandit with the gun managed to escape. However his colleague was not so fortunate and was captured with some of the money in his possession. He was subsequently handed over to the police.
According to information reaching Kaieteur News the bandit has been positively identified as a resident from a neighbouring village.
According to a press release police, investigations revealed that the two masked men entered the B. A. Satar and Sons Supermarket about 11:30hrs Monday. They then took the cash and escaped on foot.
An alarm was raised and residents gave chase after the perpetrators and caught one of them with some of the stolen money. He was handed over to the police along with the cash while his accomplice managed to escape.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010