Biting insects force suspension of classes at Central High

 By KNews 

Classes were suspended yesterday at Central High School on Smyth Street following an attack by what might possibly be fleas. This was after several students and teachers complained of severe itching, which affected the exposed sections of their bodies.

Students assemble outside the school following the suspension of classes yesterday.

In fact, they managed to trap a few of the small biting insects which were shown to this newspaper in a plastic bag.
Mostly it was children in the classrooms of Form Four (Tech) and Form Five (Arts) who were affected initially. But as the morning progressed, students in the other classrooms began to feel the effects of the presence of the insects.
Quick action by the school’s administration led to the suspension of classes for the day and the contracting of an exterminating agency.
Officials of the school declined to comment, but according to a source at the school, as soon as the teachers arrived yesterday morning, they complained about unbearable itching due to insect bites.
Contact was made with the chairman of the school’s board as well as the Ministry of Education, and the decision to suspend classes for the day was subsequently made.
While officials did not want to put a time frame for the resumption of classes following the extermination exercise, the source indicated that it is likely that classes will resume fully today.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010