Gunmen terrorise Canjie family during robbery

By KNews

An East Canjie, Berbice family was on Saturday evening terrorised by four gunmen who invaded their home and relieved them of an undisclosed amount of jewellery and a large amount of cash.

Reports are that businessman, Zaheer Ali and his family of Besty Ground were attacked by the gunmen sometime around 19:30 hours. This newspaper understands that Ali, a phone card vendor, had just approached his home in his vehicle when the men pounced on him. According to reports from the area, all of the men were masked and armed with hand guns. They then ordered Ali into his house where they confronted the manís wife and their two children. The men then proceeded to ransack the home demanding cash and jewellery. Aliís wife was relieved of $100,000 in cash, four gold rings, a cellular phone and three gold bands. One of their daughters was also relieved of her cellular phone and three gold rings. The businessman had $30,000 in his pocket and that too was taken away from him along with two packs of Digicel phone cards valued some $20,000. 

The entire family was made to lie face down as the men ransacked the house and took whatever valuables they could find. The men then made good their escape.
However, in their bid to escape the gunmen fired at least four shots in the air. Fortunately no one was injured. The matter has since been reported and investigations are ongoing.

Monday, February 22, 2010