Light CANADA says:

Ordinary folks, will continue to face unbridled criminality, as a result, of the PPP’s communist elite unwillingness and failure to reform and professionalism the Police Force, with parliamentary oversight.

Unfortunately, the ruling elite scuttled the British funded Security Sector Reform Program, clearly, at the expense and continued suffering and trauma of ordinary citizens.

Citizens, needs to demand change!


Carjackers strike again
CARJACKERS struck again yesterday in Georgetown, taking off with an AT 170 Carina belonging to a man from Enterprise, East Coast Demerara.

Police reported that about 12:30 h yesterday, Abdool Haniff was robbed by three men armed with guns on Sheriff Street, Georgetown.



Haniff, 33, was driving motorcar HA 8944 north along the main city road.

When in the vicinity of the Botanical Gardens, another car swerved into his path forcing him to stop, Police said.

The three men came out, confronted and assaulted him with their guns, then robbed him of jewellery and the vehicle, Police said.

Carjackers have recently been targeting AT 192 Carina cars and several taxi drivers have been held up and robbed of their vehicles.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006