Coverden family terrorised by bandits

- - investigators arrive nine hours later

-- several calls to the police stations

 By KNews


Indira and William Thomas with their nine-year-old daughter.


Phagwah celebrations for a Coverden family ended on a frightening note Monday night after armed bandits invaded their home, terrorising them and threatening rape to a 14-year-old.

To compound matters, the Thomas family says that in addition to the $200,000 in jewellery and cash taken, several calls to the police stations were to no avail with investigators arriving nine hours after the incident.

The family operates Indira and William Creole Corner, a popular roadside spot.
According to William “Batman” Thomas, the family of four returned around 21:00 hrs after a day with relatives at Soesdyke. They retired to bed shortly after midnight.


“I woke up suddenly feeling something wrong and I see a man by the bedroom door. He pointed a gun at me and tell me not to keep any noise.”
It was shortly after 03:00 hrs. By this time, his wife, Indira, had woken up too and she was warned to be quiet. Both men had cloth covering their faces and threatened to shoot the couple. The couple’s daughters, one 14 years old and the other, nine, also woke up and the smaller one started to scream.
“De man tell we to get her to shut up or else…I had to put meh hands on her mouth. They tell we to give them all the gold and money.”
While one man used a handgun and cell phone light to guard the frightened family, the other man took the wife and used her to gather up the cash and jewellery.
“They search the shop and one even went outside and search the old bus in the yard. We had some money from a few church specials I did and they also take the little cash we had at home from the business,” Thomas said.
According to Thomas, he was looking for an opportunity to disarm the gunman but the men were alert and warned him not to try anything.
After not getting any more money, one of the men threatened to rape the 14-year-old daughter.
It was evident that the men had entered the home through a side window after removing some louvre panes. The traumatized family said that the men stayed close to half of an hour and took the bus keys and the cell phones.
“They did not see the landline wires or else they might have cut it. They warn we not to move and it was about 20 minutes after they left that we try calling the police,” Indira said.
However, the frantic calls to Timehri Police Station went unanswered and it was only yesterday that the family learnt that the lines there were not working. They then called Brickdam but as at 10:30 hrs, there were still no police at the secne. Contact was then made with a “police friend” who then told them that the lines were down at the Timehri Police Station. He promised to make contact with the station.
Investigators arrived around 12:00 hrs.
The family was thankful for remaining unhurt in the ordeal.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010