PNC switching roles re the credibility of the Police Force
THE PNCR is switching roles in relation to the credibility and the capacity of the Guyana Police Force.

Allegation against CORBIN that he lured an indian woman to his office where he raped and buggered  her on Saturday, September 27th, 1986.

AHMAD ALLI          JANUARY 21, 2004     Guyana Chronicle

On September 29, 1986 Robert Corbin, who then was Minister of Agriculture, was implicated in an attempted rape at his Ministry.

On October 22, 1986 then DPP George Jackman threw out the case saying, "In view of public speculations connected with certain allegations made to the police against former Prime Minister, Cde. Robert Corbin, I have decided...that after full and careful examination of the results of what I consider to have been a thorough police investigation into the matter, I have concluded that there is not sufficient basis on which I could institute any criminal proceedings against him."

Dr. Jagan in a letter to the DPP following that disclosure said: The DPP's conclusion of 'insufficient basis' needs to be supported by disclosure of "at least of some of the evidence that was lacking." He also asked Jackman to say "on what basis his conclusion was based."

Eusi Kwayana of the WPA also wrote to the DPP asking him to say: "on what basis he has formed his decision not to prosecute."

These questions were never answered directly. The DPP based his investigations solely on investigations done by the Police (the competent body to administer such functions in Guyana.) In addition, the victim wasn't given witness protection or any such like. That was the end of an issue that the public demanded investigations into.

Why can't the PNC now accept the investigations of the Police Force or moreso a Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the 'Gajraj Affair'?
Yours faithfully,
Romel Narine

Saturday, May 22, 2004