This man, President Jagdeo, threatens indirectly our people’s safety, their culture and  religion.

. He does not have a clue of how to deal with the state of lawlessness in Guyana; he gives in, it seems, to every demand made of him by the opposition PNC Leader; he devalues democracy - all of this in his rush to please the Opposition Party.

I and many other Guyanese feel Jagdeo should be called upon to resign...yes resign and have another member of the Cabinet take over the Presidency.

Taij Seetaram  Indo Caribbean World


Bandit shot by businessman in botched robbery 

A bandit and an East Coast Demerara businessman are both nursing gunshot wounds at two separate city hospitals following a brazen robbery around 14:00 hrs on Sheriff Street, yesterday. 

The businessman, Deonarine Persaud of Wash Clothes, Mahaicony, who was the victim of the robbery, was shot three times in the foot. The bandit, who hails from Princes Street , Lodge is listed as critical. He was shot in the head and chest when the businessman returned fire from his licence firearm, while his accomplice managed to escape on a motorcycle. 

Example: Motorcycle bandits

The men had reportedly traced the businessman from a city bank and pounced on him as he was about to enter his truck, which was parked on Sheriff Street . 

President Jagdeo does not possess Indianess. This is troubling. 

A statement from the police said that Persaud was walking along Sheriff Street when he was confronted by two men, who rode up on a motorcycle and demanded money. 

An eyewitness to the incident told this newspaper that Persaud had just exited a taxi when one of the bandits who was the pillion rider approached him and started firing several shots at his feet while demanding money. 

According to the eyewitness, the businessman handed over $100,000 which he had in his pocket to the bandit who demanded more. 

“De man had a bag which he throw in a trench and de bandit shot he again in he foot. De man fall down and de bandit hand he partner de money. He ride away, leffing de other one behind,” the eyewitness said. 

By then a number of persons, including the businessman's porter began converging on the scene. 

By this time, the businessman had pulled out his firearm and started to shoot at the bandit. A few rounds hit him and he fell to the ground. According to the eyewitness, the bandit appeared to have exhausted all the rounds from his firearm, giving those around the courage to attack him. 

“A man go up to he with a piece ah wood and he point he gun at he, but he didn't gat no more bullets and de man lash he in he head with de wood,” the eyewitness told this newspaper. 

The bandit tried to hold on to the businessman's truck but collapsed after receiving the lash. 

“A set ah people start fuh come around and some men help de businessman fuh go to de hospital. Dey call a ambulance fuh carry de bandit to de hospital,” the eyewitness said. 

Kaieteur News understands that a man, who identified himself as a policeman, was on the scene and relieved the bandit of his .32 revolver. 

The bandit underwent emergency surgery at the Georgetown hospital yesterday afternoon. 

Police are on the hunt for the other bandit, who fled the scene 

Saturday, October 9, 2004