Woman’s brutal murder rocks Lethem

By KNews

- Suspect believed to be Brazilian

The brutal murder of a 27-year-old woman early yesterday morning has plunged the border community of Lethem into shock.

Donna Williams was pronounced dead on arrival at the Lethem Hospital after she received three stab wounds in the region of her heart from a man suspected to be a Brazilian.
The incident occurred at about 07:30 hours in the Tabatinga Creek area, near Lethem. At the time, Williams, who resides in Bom Fin, Brazil, was making her way to work at a Lethem store in the company of her mother, Elizabeth, and her seven-year old son, Floyd.
Police in a press release stated that the trio was crossing the Tabatinga Creek on their way to Lethem.
According to the police, Williams’ mother, who was some distance in front, saw a man ride past on a bicycle and at the same time heard her daughter calling out for help.
On checking, she found Williams had been stabbed in the upper part of her body.
Kaieteur News understands that Williams, who is originally from Aranaputa Valley in the Rupununi, would normally make her way to work early in the mornings by crossing the border at a location called the ‘Buffer Zone’, which is usually referred to as a shortcut.
Many persons are convinced that a strange man who was described as having two gold patches in his hair was responsible for Williams’ death.
Her mother told Kaieteur News that while walking along the trail near the Tabatinga Creek she observed the man riding past her on a bicycle.
She said that the man kept looking back at her as he passed.
When she reached the creek and was waiting on her daughter, she heard Williams screaming that she was stabbed, while holding her chest. “I screamed but nobody came,” Elizabeth Williams told this newspaper.
A few minutes later, some of the dead woman’s friends who heard about the incident came running to the scene where they found Williams lying in a pool of blood.
They claimed that they tried to get the police as well as the Lethem ambulance to the scene, but this did not materialize after almost two hours had elapsed.
In the meantime, friends and relatives had rushed the mortally wounded woman to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. Kaieteur News understands that police retrieved the woman’s cellular phone and a pair of sunglasses at the scene.
A resident told this newspaper that he got up early yesterday morning and saw a man fitting the description of the person given by Williams’ mother sitting near a bicycle as if he was waiting to pounce on someone.
The resident said that at first he thought that it was a policeman staking out the area which is known for its small-time drug trafficking.
He later ventured from his home to a nearby shop to purchase some cigarettes, and he is now convinced that the man was a stranger who is believed to be a Brazilian.
“While coming back I saw the girl mother running, crying for help…she daughter just get juk,” the resident stated.
He believes that the man he saw was waiting to pounce on early morning commuters across the border, who travel with large sums of money to do shopping.
He lamented the absence of a police patrol in the area which he said is devoid of lights.
“Brazilians and Guyanese cross here to do business and a lot of them could get rob. Around here is sheer drugs, guns, motorbike and cars passing through. We call here the buffer zone,” the resident told this newspaper.
He recalled that the area where Williams was killed is the same area where a man, Ramotar Singh, was found dead on Christmas morning last with over 60 stab wounds to his body.
This newspaper also learnt that a team of Guyanese have gone over to Brazil to provide information to authorities there with the aim of capturing the suspect, while local police are vigorously investigating the matter.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010