Bandits rob Non Pariel businessman

Michel Outridge

Just when Non Pariel residents thought that it was over, bandits struck this East Coast Demerara village once again, breaking into the home of a businessman early yesterday morning and making off with a booty of household articles valued some $150,000.

The family that was robbed at Non-Pariel

The family was asleep.

According to robbery victim, Dooknandan Sukhandan, 47, of Lot 387 Non-Pariel, East Coast Demerara, he woke up about 4:00 o'clock yesterday morning and after hearing movements in his house, he went to investigate but saw nothing.

$800 in cash

Still curious, he woke his wife up - and then realized that their house had been robbed.

wrist watch - from Rita

Sukhandan said the intruders ransacked their house and took away articles, including television, VCR, Nintendo players, music system, amplifier, Nike sneakers, cell phone, calculators, mixing board, tape deck, wrist watch and $800 in cash.


The businessman said the bandits gained entry to the house after taking out two louvre panes from the window on the bottom flat of the building where they had ample time to select items to take away.

Dooknandan Sukhandan points to the empty TV stand

A family member, Vishal, related that by the time they went downstairs to investigate the bandits had already taken away the items. An alarm was raised nonetheless and about 8 gunshots wrung out, shattering the early morning silence.

No one was hurt during the robbery and the Sukhandan family is thankful for this fact.

When the Guyana Chronicle visited the scene yesterday several relatives had gathered and the seven occupants of the house were still counting their losses.

The man said this was the third robbery he had endured in the three years he has lived in Non Pariel. He now plans to construct grillwork and implement other safety methods to ensure the protection of his family and property.

The window through which the bandits gained entry

Sukhandan disclosed that it is very difficult for him as he was in the process of repaying a loan from the bank after he recently married his daughter.

Shortly after the incident two policemen who live in the village responded to the distress call by the occupants of the house and later informed Vigilance Police Station.

The forensic team was yet to visit the house as was promised but the police were prompt.

This East Coast Village became prey for armed bandits after the Mash Day 2002 jailbreak.

Several families were robbed, beaten, burnt, fatally shot, raped, kidnapped and terrorized by bandits who staged daring attacks on several businesses also.

The house that was broken into and robbed at Non-Pariel

To date several families have not returned to their homes, many fleeing after they had near-deadly encounters with armed bandits.

Recently a white wagon car was found abandoned in Non Pariel and in the car were several wigs, knives and other weapons.

Residents informed the police after the car was observed with its windows down, but no one knew how the car got there. A police source later confirmed that the car was stolen from its owner in Georgetown.

The police are continuing investigations.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005