Gunmen shoot up Norton Street home

Gunmen in two cars, one blue, the other white fired shots at a home at 71 Norton Street, Lodge about 1:00hrs yesterday. No one was injured.

This spent shell was found at the scene.

The house is owned by Roseann Garraway and is occupied by eleven including several children and former policeman Ian Smith, aka Gangster.

Former policeman Ian Smith, aka Gangster.

He was at the house but referred all queries to the house owner.
Dressed only in a pair of black short pants, he said, “This ain’t got nothing to do with me; I ain’t know nothing; this is not my house. I just stopping here. All I know is that nobody ain’t gon risk shooting at me house.”

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Gang kills Annandale man 

Reports are that the gunmen fired several shots at the Norton Street house from at least one pistol before speeding away in their vehicles. The house bore two visible bullet holes: one at the top of the front window in the hall area and another at the eastern wall in the bathroom area. “Nothing like this ever happened before,” said one of the house occupants.
One bullet hole is about 36 inches from a sign that states ‘Success breeds enemies’. Painted on the gate are the words Kartel, Casper, Gully Side. On electrical wires to the front of the house several pairs of footwear hang. These, according to research, symbolise a territorial marking.

Detectives and curious onlookers outside the targeted house.

The relatives offered no comment about what could have caused the attack on their home.
Police arrived at the scene at about 10:30 hrs. They scoured the scene and collected at least one spent shell. One youth who resides at the house said that he is not aware of any prior incident where the house was shot at.
His mother who arrived at the scene with the police said nothing was damaged.