Murder on Boxing Day

 By KNews  

Inshan Ally, 53, a fisherman of Pandit Street, Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara, was found dead in front of his home at 14:00 hours yesterday.

Inshan Allys body being covered up to be placed into a hearse.

Unsolved murder

According to neighbours, the man who was considered an alcoholic, was found lying on the road and appeared to be drunk. However, they saw a hearse and police arrive then they realised that the man was really dead. According to police sources there were marks of violence on his shoulders, neck, arms and various bruises on his body while blood stains could be seen on the bridge and surrounding area.

These combined to suggest foul play. The case is being investigated as homicide. A resident said that the dead man lived with his 73-year-old father. They were considered peaceful and not problematic.

According to sources the father made a report to the Providence Police station about the death of his son, and was held pending investigation. However, the police at Providence said that that the father was not in police custody.

Sunday, December 27, 2009