The ‘greatest’ comrade around

 By KNews 

Dear Editor,
I have read the letter from Mr. Ossie Rogers in the Kaieteur News of March 10, 2010, in relation to Moses Nagamootoo’s aspiration to be the next PPP’s presidential candidate.
I have also read a lot of Nagamootoo’s writing and coincidentally his and Mr. Rogers seem almost identical. I wonder!
The words of Cheddi Jagan has lived on, “They will be many wolves in sheep clothing”. Today the echoes of Nagamootoo portray him to be the greatest comrade around.
However is Moses really qualified to be the PPP’s presidential candidate? I think not!
Moses left the party’s leadership and the Government Ministry at a time when the party and government were under severe pressure. The late 1990 right on to 2002 was the time of “slow fire mo fire”. Where was Nagamootoo during this very difficult period?
Was Nagamootoo expecting the government to fall so he got out before?
As an aspiring leader one must lead from the front. Moses has shown himself to be totally unreliable since he had left his true comrades to face the battle and moved on to fulfill his personal desires.
Dindyal Sugrim

Tuesday, March 16, 2010