Murdered teen was tormented, afraid - parents
By Michel Outridge

Omadella Peters.
OMADELLA Peters, 17, of Lot 19 Sideline Dam, Annís Grove, East Coast Demerara, who was fatally stabbed on Friday afternoon, had been a tormented and frightened teen, her parents said yesterday.

Peters was stabbed in the region of the heart on the Annís Grove Public Road while she was on her way home from work. She died at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Her parents said yesterday that she was often trailed and tormented by the spurned 45-year-old man who eventually ended her life.

The obsessed killer would usually pass in front of their home at nights and issue death threats to the teen and her family, her parents recalled.

He had openly threatened to murder her on numerous occasions because she refused to condone an illicit relationship with him.

The dead teenís mother, Beverly Peters, 42, told the Chronicle that the man, who reportedly hails from Belfield Village, also on the East Coast, had visited the home and admitted that he liked her daughter. But she said she warned him to stay away from the teen because he was too old for her.

ďI told him that you canít just see somebody and like them,Ē Mrs. Peters said.

She said despite the warning, the man continued to stalk her daughter.

Omadellaís father, Evan Peters, 43, said they had made several reports of the manís threats to the Clonbrook Police Station, but to date, no one has responded to their complaints.

Parents and siblings of Omadella Peters yesterday.
The distraught man related that Omadella, the second of five children, had minutes before been dropped off at the Anns Grove Public Road by a Denmor Garment Factory bus. He related that she had asked a villager to drop her home on his bicycle.

He said this move apparently aggravated the killer who had followed the teen in a taxi. The man exited the taxi and reportedly ordered the girl off the bicycle. After a brief scuffle, he stabbed her.

Mr. Peters said his daughter never had a relationship with the man and she was very afraid of him because of the way he often threatened to end her life.

About 15 minutes after stabbing the teen, the man was apprehended by residents and after a severe beating he was taken into police custody.

Omadella was described as a very kind and friendly teen.

Thursday, July 03, 2005