Police hunt Berbice gang following robbery at Albion

-- “Neighbours call for the police but the phone was busy. They keep calling and the phone always busy,”

 By KNews

Police in Berbice are on the hunt for a gang who they believe is responsible for a spate of robberies on the Corentyne.

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The gang struck at Chesney Front, Albion, on Sunday night, robbing the proprietors of a grocery and off-licence liquor store of more than $2M in cash and an undisclosed amount in gold jewellery.

Residents believe that the police could have responded quicker to confront the bandits, had it not been for a busy telephone at the nearby Albion Police Station.
Yesterday, Narsamah Mangru, who operates the business with her husband Ramotar, called ‘Bull’, said that the bandits struck just before seven o’clock on Sunday night.
She said that she was in her shop, while her husband and some customers were near the front gate when the bandits, who had their faces covered with rags, attacked.
They ordered the customers and Ramotar to lie face down on the ground and as three of the robbers stood guard with their guns, three more entered the shop and grabbed the unsuspecting business woman, demanding cash and jewellery.
Realising that she was at the mercy of the bandits, she raised an alarm.
“Me mek one holler, ‘Oh god this is thief’,” the woman related to Kaieteur News.
Her son, Shamnarine Mangru, and his wife were also downstairs and heard her screams but her son had no time to elude the bandits.
His wife however managed to hide herself in a bathroom unknown to the bandits.
Narsamah Mangru told this newspaper that after beating her son in his head with guns, the men grabbed $500,000, which was in a drawer in the shop.
“I had on three (gold) bangles, them go away with that too and pull off me chain. My son had on a band worth $400,000, they took that and he chain,” Mangru stated.
While one of the bandits remained in the shop with her, two others took her son upstairs where they demanded more money.
There they found another $600,000, two more gold chains and a bangle. They also demanded the young man’s licenced firearm, discharging a round in the process, which fortunately missed the intended target. They did not get the weapon.
Apparently realising that time was running out, the two bandits returned downstairs with Mangru’s son, using expletives all the time demanding more cash and other valuables.
“They threaten fuh shoot we if we only raise we head,” the businesswoman told Kaieteur News.
She said that before the bandits left they also took with them $1M which she had set aside to pay a local beverage company for stocks they had supplied.
According to Mangru, after the bandits left she was informed that several persons had seen when the attack commenced and tried contacting the Albion Police Station.
“Neighbours call for the police but the phone was busy. They keep calling and the phone always busy,” she said.
Up to yesterday, her husband and son were seeking medical attention for their injuries.
This is the first time that the family has had an encounter with bandits and the incident has left them traumatised.
Several other residents in the area have expressed fear for their lives despite the heightened police patrols in Berbice.
“Just as night reach we in fear. This place get like Buxton and Lusignan. People got to close up early. This is a sugar area and people wives got to get up and cook early and that is de time when de bandits could attack. As soon as you open up so,” one resident told this newspaper.
The residents said that the attackers appeared to be young men, who are no more than 25-years-old. Senior police officials in the district have assured that all the stops will be pulled out to apprehend the suspects and bring the gang to justice.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010