Necrophiliac pleads guilty, blames nerves

- Magistrate requests psychiatric report

By KNews


The man who invaded the Reliance Cemetery, exhumed the body of a 75-year-old female and committed an act of necrophilia (a sexual act with the dead body), pleaded guilty when he appeared at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo.

The man, Roopram Bacchus called ‘Toe Toe’, of Lot 25 Adelphi Village, East Canje, Berbice, told the court that he is 20 years old and is a garbage collector.

Man found lying on corpse - Tuesday, June 28, 2005 George-corpse-stolen

The state’s case which was presented by Prosecutor Inspector Satrohan Dayaram showed that Bacchus was before the court on two charges which stated that between Friday 5th and Saturday 6th March at the Reliance cemetery in Canje he committed an indecent act on the woman’s corpse. He was not required to plead to that charge
To the other charge, which stated that between the same days and at the same place he exhumed the corpse, the accused pleaded guilty.
On Phagwah day, Monday, March 1st, the woman had taken ill with a heart condition and was rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital where she succumbed. Prosecutor Dayaram told the court that the woman was buried on Friday, 5th March, in a complete tomb, and that the accused sometime between the dates mentioned broke open the tomb took out the coffin and the body, before he committed an indecent act on the corpse. He then took away money and jewellery that was left in the coffin by relatives.
The matter was reported and acting on information the accused was arrested and charged.
When asked what he had to say, the defendant said that he was guilty and told the court that it was the first time he was “ever involved in police story”.
He said that he is remorseful for what he did and begged for a chance. The man, who lives alone, told the court that he has a nerve problem that really bothers him and whenever he drinks it (the nerve problem) acts up. He said ruefully that he should have listened to his neighbours who always told him to stop drinking, but emphasized that he would do so now. He then begged the magistrate to put him on bail.
A seemingly perplexed magistrate Nagamootoo wanting to be certain of the procedings before she enquired of Prosecutor Dayaram what the matter really was, asking if the defendant has a psychological problem, because something seemed to be wrong.
The prosecutor then told the court that according to advice he had received, the defendant was examined on Monday at the Fort Canje Psychiatric Hospital, and was deemed to be ‘fit and sane’.
The magistrate not satisfied with the answer asked to see the report before she could pronounce sentence.  However, according to Corporal Jaigopaul the doctor did not issue the report.
The magistrate then asked Inspector Dayaram to make sure the report is collected and be presented for the next court date, which is March 17that the Reliance Magistrate’s Court where the matter has been transferred to, along with the other matter of committing an indecent act on a corpse.
As Bacchus was being lead away from the court he was heard begging the relatives of the deceased, who had gathered in large numbers at the court, to “help meh out, see wha’ yuh could do for meh and give me a chance”.
The dead woman’s son, an employee at the Rose Hall Estate, had told investigators that he received a call that someone had broken into his mother’s tomb. Whoever had entered the tomb removed the entire top, took out the casket and then removed the body.
When persons arrived at the tomb, the corpse was naked, the legs sprawled and from all reports, the person or persons had committed an indecent act.
There was what appeared to be semen in the corpse’s vaginal area. There were also bite marks on the body and the legs looked like they were broken. The casket and the woman’s clothing were also burnt.
Acting on a report that Bacchus during the night had made a purchase at a shop close by with two US dollars, citizens effected an arrest and delivered the man to the police station.  However, that was not before he was dealt a sound thrashing.
Bacchus who initially denied knowing anything about what was happening later confessed to the crime.
The dead woman was reburied in another casket in the same tomb, which was later repaired.
Relatives, some of whom had travelled from overseas, said that the man was at the funeral and had even helped with the final rites of the dead. They are happy that justice would be served and hoped he gets the full penalty. They are grateful to the residents who helped to capture the perpetrator.

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