Necrophiliac strikes in Berbice

Sumintra Shaw Narayan, 75, died on Phagwah Day, hours after she was admitted to hospital with a heart condition. She was buried at the cemetery at Reliance, East Canje, Berbice near to the Reliance Police Station.
Her relatives buried her with two US dollars in her hand.

The desecrated tomb

Yesterday, police sources reported that the woman’s son, Badranauth Narayan, 44, an employee at the Rose Hall Estate, received a call that someone had broken into his mother’s tomb.
Who ever entered the tomb removed the entire top, took out the casket and then removed the body.
From all reports, the person or persons then committed necrophilia (sexual act with the dead body).
When persons arrived at the tomb, the corpse was naked, the legs sprawled and there was what looked like semen in the corpse’s vaginal area. Who ever committed the act also burnt the casket and the woman’s clothing.
Acting on a report that an allegedly mentally ill 22-year-old man had made a purchase at a shop close by with two US dollars, the same night relatives made a citizen’s arrest and delivered the man to the police station.  However, that was not before he was dealt a sound trashing by the dead woman’s relatives.
That man lives at Adelphi village, East Canje, Berbice.
According to the police, they saw evidence of the partly burnt US dollar at the burial site while the badly beaten man is claiming too that he got his US from his mother who is overseas.
Eyewitnesses also report that they had seen the man in the vicinity Friday evening. The man is in custody pending investigations.
The dead woman’s relatives have since purchased another casket and have reburied the body in the same tomb. Yesterday, the relatives were mostly tight lipped on the issue. However, they confirmed that they have re-interred the body.
Investigations are continuing and according to police sources, chances are the man had nothing to do with the body being removed and violated.
If that is proven to be the case the dead woman’s relatives might be charged.

Sunday, March 07, 2010