Shot mother-to-be kicks armed bandit
-- intruder opens fire on couple in their bed
by Shirley Thomas

AN ARMED bandit, who tried to enter a couple's bedroom during a pre-dawn period of blackout at Yarrowdam, Georgetown, yesterday, met with fierce resistance from a pregnant woman, who `kicked the daylights' out of him.

PREGNANT Sonia Ragbar, who was shot in the left side of her ribcage. With her is their three-year-old son who was unhurt.

He, along with three others attempted to force their way into the home of the Yarrowdam couple, Doodnauth Ragbar (also called 'Netting Man') and his wife Sonia Ragbar, around 04:00 hrs, while they were yet asleep.

The bandit discharged five rounds, hitting them both in their bed. Fortunately, their three-year-old son, who slept in the bed with them, was unharmed.

Doodnauth Ragbar, a popular wholesaler of bed nettings, sustained two bullet wounds to his right thigh, while his pregnant wife, Sonia, suffered a bullet would in the left ribcage. The bullet reportedly exited her body.

The 29-year-old woman, who is four months pregnant, scuffled with the intruder until he fell off her windowsill and onto the concrete yard about 10 feet below.

DOODNAUTH Ragbar: shot twice in bed by bandits yesterday morning.

The husband told the Chronicle yesterday, that around 04:00 hrs, he was in bed with his wife and their son between them, when four bandits attacked their home.

Two of the men crept up under the couple's bedroom window. Their bed is situated just under the window that the bandits attempted to enter.

Because of a blackout, which began around 02:25 hrs, the Ragbars had the window open in order to allow some breeze into the bedroom.

Sonia recounted that she was awakened by the sound of her husband pleading, "No, no!"

On opening her eyes she saw a man standing on the windowsill. The intruder was pointing a gun at them, while attempting to squeeze himself through the top half of the window frame, she said.

She said that the bandit threatened to shoot her husband if he did not shut up.

"Ah gun shut you up first," he snarled to the pleading Doodnauth.

Sonia said that at that point, she forgot her pregnant condition and became intent on dislodging the bandit from the windowsill.

Since their bed was almost level with the windowsill, she began kicking the man violently.

Surprised at the counterattack, the bandit then discharged about five rounds, hitting them both.

But even as her husband writhed in pain from the bullets to his thigh, Sonia said she snatched up an electric fan, which was next to the bed, and was about to deal the intruder a blow with it, when he either fell or jumped off the windowsill.

By then, other members of the household, as well as neighbours, were awakened by the commotion and had raised an alarm.

The windowsill intruder and three of his comrades in crime then left the scene, but not before vowing to return to the Ragbars' house.

Relatives of the Ragbars went across to the Ruimveldt Police Station (just across the public road) in an attempt to report the matter.

However, they claimed that they found the gate, doors and windows of the station all locked up.

The relatives even called out, "Thief pon de dam!" but said they got no reply.

They said they later dialled 911, but it kept ringing out.

The Ragbars were taken to hospital where they were treated and discharged.

Relatives, who came from as far away as the East Coast Demerara, Sophia and the Soesdyke-Linden Highway, said they arrived on the scene before the Police.

The Police reportedly visited the couple while they were being treated at the hospital, but did not turn up at their home until around 10:00 hrs.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002