Spiritual healing? tragedy?
Three in custody over Wismar woman's beating death
By Jaime Hall

The Holy Ghost Movement church building where Faye Grenville was kept before she died.
AS POLICE at Linden continue their investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death of Faye Grenville, 43, of 28 Danjoo Hill, Wismar, Linden, on Monday, several days after being in the ?care? of self-styled spiritual healers in the bauxite mining town, three persons, including the pastor, have been nabbed and placed in custody.

Grenville was pronounced dead on arrival at the McKenzie Hospital. Marks of violence were found on her body, which also appeared to be dehydrated, a hospital source said.

A member of the Holy Ghost Movement, the church to which Grenville belonged, took her to the hospital

A relative of the deceased told the Chronicle that she was able to identify the Grenville's body at the Mckenzie Hospital morgue. A post mortem examination is due to be conducted today.

The Holy Ghost Movement was formed less than six months ago by breakaway members of a Pentecostal church in Linden.

Relatives said Grenville had been suffering nervous breakdowns for many years, and would from time to time fall ill. But her fellow Holy Ghost Movement members believed she was possessed by evil spirits, so they took her to the church in an effort to have the devils cast out. It is believed that the method used to cast out the evil spirits was what led to Grenville?s death.

The news of her demise sparked outrage in the neighbourhood. Some neighbours said there was ?some degree of curiosity in the area about Faye?s condition,? but church members reportedly did not allow anyone in the area to see her.

The home of Faye Grenville.

A Cholmondely Hill resident who lives nearby said Grenville was kept away even from relatives, who also confirmed that this was so. "Nobody in the area could go to see her; they were hitting her in the hands which were tied up. She could not get any water to drink; when she asked for water they said no. They had her like a prisoner in the place and she was crying steadily after they keep beating her every day." Grenville?s voice got ?weaker and weaker day by day,? the resident recalled. ?And that suggested that something was going very wrong.?

It was reported that members of the church, noticing that Grenville appeared to be lifeless, removed her from the building and took her by motorcar to McKenzie hospital. "They wrote her name and she sister?s name on a piece of paper and put it in her hand and then left her on a bench at the hospital."

A hospital source said that at the time a doctor at the hospital saw Grenville lying on the bench, she was unaccompanied.

People who live nearby reportedly heard noises from the building. "I don't know what they were trying to do,? said one, ?but night and day we heard her crying out. They were beating her with broom and telling the demon to ?come out! come out!??

A pastor from a Pentecostal church in Linden told Chronicle the circumstances under which the woman died, after being in the care of members of the Holy Ghost Movement, does not put the church in good light. "This has thrown a wet blanket on the church...this is bad testimony. John Public knows that the Pentecostal church prays for people possessed with evil spirits and they get deliverance,? he said.

Grenville leaves to mourn her husband Sydney Grenville and two daughters, Althea and Alicia.

Monday, June 23, 2003