Bagotstown shooting victim may be paralysed

Sunday, December 7, 2008 

gunman enquired of Kaladeen’s rsidence

Bagotstown resident Phibert Kaladeen, 40, may be paralyzed from the waist down, according to hospital sources. Kaladeen was shot in the right shoulder, Friday evening by an unknown assailant, after he was attempting to take a bath outside of his family’s two- storey residence.
In the Georgetown Public Hospital where he is in a critical condition in the High Dependency Unit, he was being closely monitored by the nurses.

An eyewitness claimed that the man was about to take a bath and a while after a “gunshot” was heard. The eyewitness said that the man was in a habit of leaving his door open whenever he went outside to take a bath, adding that the yard would usually be crowded with people.
He noted that this may have made the man feel secure.
The eyewitness said that the man was home alone when the shooting occurred, noting that neighbours saw a sliver grey AT 192, license plate number HB 3586, leaving the scene.
According to the eyewitness, the driver of the car had been enquiring about Kaladeen’s residence. “He ask me is where de one Kaladeen living”. A moment after the driver was given directions, a gunshot was heard coming from Kaladeen’s apartment.
The eyewitness said that neighbours saw a man and a woman leaving the man’s apartment with a gold chain belonging to the victim.
However, a sister who was at the scene had told this newspaper that the family had ruled out robbery as a motive.
The eyewitness said that after he heard the “gunshot”, he went over to Kaladeen and saw the man completely covered in blood and he immediately bound the wound.
The injured man was rushed to a private hospital but was later transferred to the GPHC because of the severity of his injures.
According to relatives of the man, doctors at the hospital are saying that he may become paralyzed because the bullet is still lodged in his spine.
They further told this newspaper that after the incident occurred, the same AT192 with license plate number HB 3586 was still driving around the area.  The relatives said that police have since taken a statement from the victim and investigations are ongoing.