Another taxi driver loses motorcar

 By KNews |

When taxi driver Ramesh Geer picked up a passenger from the Bourda Market last Monday night, being hijacked was the furthest thing from his mind.
After all, the man had a bag of greens and looked very much a family man who just wanted to get home.


But Geer was wrong. Today he is desperately trying to relocate his car, a white Toyota Carina 212, HB 6176, which the man took from him at gunpoint.

Geer’s missing car.

It was around 19:15 hours on Monday and Geer who has been a taxi driver for the past 15 years was hired to go to East La Penitence.
“How de man approach me, with he bag and greens, I believe he was a family man,” said Geer. He proceeded to the destination things went horribly wrong.
The passenger ordered him to stop and when Geer thought that he was going into his pocket for the fare, the man pulled out a gun and placed it to his head.
“When I feel the gun, I thought it was a joke because me and de man gaff good, good. But then it was no toy,” Geer told this newspaper.
“He say, ‘Shortman, get out de f…ing car’. He say it about three times,” Geer added.
The taxi driver related that while the man was ordering him out, he actually pushed him from the car and he fell unto the road. The man then drove away with the vehicle.
Geer made his way to the East La Penitence Police Station where he reported the matter.
Although he has lost the car that he bought a year and a half ago, thankfully, he is still alive and did not suffer the fate of taxi driver Bomeshwar Sukhdeo, who was hired and subsequently killed for his motorcar.

 Thursday, February 04, 2010