Suspected robber electrocuted at Guyana Stores limited
Written by Telesha Persaud   
Tuesday, 09 February 2010 
FOLLOWING his attempt to steal from Guyana Stores Limited early yesterday morning, 34-year-old Rondel Green, alias ‘Bullet’ and ‘Bun Up’, was electrocuted while scaling the fence behind the store that leads to the Tiger Bay area. Green, of Queen Street, Cummingsburg (Tiger Bay), a father of three, was reportedly hanging on the transformer when he was discovered around 06:00 hrs by a security guard attached to Guyana Stores.
“He was like a bar-be-que when they found him this morning. His hand and leg came off when they took him down from the transformer,” a friend told the Guyana Chronicle at the dead man’s residence.

Two power transformers

The woman said Green was removed by Police officers only after a team from Guyana Power and Light (GPL) went to “cut the fuse”.

Guyana Stores Company Secretary Mr. James Deane points to the spot where Green’s body was discovered early yesterday morning.

Three of Green’s friends were discussing his death when this newspaper visited the scene and one of them, Winston Griffith, remarked that Green could not have been in his natural senses when he ended up next to the transformer.

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Griffith said it is his belief that Green was under the influence of alcohol, as he is in the habit of drinking heavily, and could have possibly been controlled by the “demonic forces.”
“I don’t know if he went to trouble the people place but regardless of what he was going to do, that was a horrible death. He was a good guy though,” Griffith mentioned.
Company Secretary at Guyana Stores, Mr. James Deane, told this newspaper that the security guard found Green pasted to the transformer.
He said the vines on the wall were all burnt and that Police officers discovered a black bag with ‘track boots’ and other items that were stolen from the store.
After informing the officers of this, Deane said they made a check and discovered that the bandits broke and entered the store through the roof of the stock room.

The thieves took out these boards on top of Guyana Stores’ roof and used this bulk of cloth to transfer the stolen items to the bottom.

Deane said the store is still to carry out an audit to determine if anything else is missing and he pointed out that Green could not have pulled off the theft alone as a bulk of cloth was used to transfer the stolen items from the top of the building to the bottom, where it is believed another person stood to receive the items.
The bulk of cloth used by the thieves belonged to the store’s Home Furnishing Department but happened to be in the stock room at the time, he said.
“No one wants anyone to die under such circumstances… but’ve suffered several losses prior to this incident, running into millions of dollars. Last year the thieves concentrated on the electrical section of the store and the garage division was hit earlier this year,” Deane lamented.
He mentioned, too, that the Company is put under strain to provide increased security and do repairs in addition to losing items every time someone breaks into the store.