Valentine’s Day outing ends in tragedy for Linden family

By KNews  

- One dead, four hospitalised

What started out as a Valentine’s Day outing for a Linden family ended in tragedy as one woman is now dead and four others including a toddler are hospitalised.

Just around 15:00 hours yesterday, 19-year-old Tomika Henville died on the spot as the car she and four other relatives were traveling in crashed head on with a Toyota pick-up on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway.


The others injured are 17 year-old Jamal Assanah, his sister Alesha Barry, Barry’s daughter, four-year-old Shoncia Goodluck and the driver of the car, Quincy Dundas. They are all said to be from Central Amelia’s Ward. According to reports, the incident occurred at approximately 14:45 hours.

From eyewitnesses’ accounts, the car, PJJ 7592, appeared to have been racing with another car when tragedy struck. One eyewitness, Eugene Thorne, said he saw both cars heading toward Georgetown at a fast rate with the one, PJJ 7592, overtaking the other car.
“This thing happen like real picture story. This car overtake the other one and the Tundra which was coming in the other direction tried going in the corner but this car just slam into the Tundra.”
“This car fling high in the air and then land off the road. The girl in the front seat was on her cell phone because when I run to the car she still had the phone to her ears,” Thorne recalled.

The man said, himself along with some other friends ran to the car to assist the injured. He said the woman who was in the front seat of the car was trapped and they spent close to 15 minutes trying to free her from the wrecked car. Thorne said by the time they managed to free the woman she appeared dead. The other injured persons were placed into a passing car and rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Center.
One of the survivors, Jamal Assanah, said it all happened so fast that he can’t recall what really transpired. He said they were all heading to a resort on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway when the crash occurred. Dundas, the driver of the car was also too traumatised as the dead woman was said to be his fiancée. He escaped with minor lacerations about his face. The other injured persons were subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital for further treatment. The toddler, Shoncia is said to be stable and she is now responding to relatives who went to visit her. Her mother however is somewhat critical and is experiencing immense pains in her shoulders and back.

It is not clear if the occupants from the pick-up were injured but both vehicles suffered extensive damage.

Meanwhile, this newspaper was told that earlier in the day, Dundas rented the car for the outing.
Up to press time all of the injured were still being treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Monday, February 15, 2010