Cotton Tree cambio dealer shot, robbed -bandits flee with $2.8M

A cambio dealer from Cotton Tree, West Coast Berbice is nursing a gunshot wound to his right leg at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he and his family were terrorised and robbed of a large quantity of money and jewellery at his home on Saturday night by four armed men.

Heeralall, a 52-year-old cambio dealer, is in the Georgetown hospital after being shot by a bandit on Saturday night. The bandits escaped with around $2.3M in various currencies and $500,000 in jewellery.

According to Heeralall's wife, Irene, on Saturday at about 8:30 pm she was bathing in the yard when she spied men running in. She stated that her ten-year-old grandson had just come into the yard when one of the robbers placed a knife to his neck. She stated that she started screaming and one of the men braced her bathroom door and told her to shut up. After she continued screaming he pointed the gun at her and she stopped shouting. One of the men then stayed with her while three went upstairs.

Heeralall and his thirteen-year-old granddaughter were upstairs in the couple's home unaware of what was going on downstairs when three of the men pounced on them. According to the granddaughter, the men asked her grandfather whether he had a gun and he told them no and that he had no money. They then shot him in his leg and demanded money and gold. The granddaughter said the men then pushed her into a room and found the money on the bed and she was forced to give them the gold as they threatened to kill her. The men then hit Heeralall on his head and leg where they had earlier shot him.

Irene told Sta-broek News that after the three men ran downstairs they shouted "let's go" and the fourth man left and they all scaled the fence. Neighbours were then summoned and Heeralall was taken to the hospital. (Keisha McCammon)