Man forced to jump 15 ft. through window…

As bandits attack Adelphi house

“I tried to call the police from my cell phone and the number kept ringing out,” he said


The caretaker of a house was forced to jump 15 feet to the ground in his bid to escape five armed bandits who attacked the East Canje home and who made off with $250, 000 early yesterday morning.

Godfrey Waddy said he was on the upper flat when he heard a knocking sound at a window at around 01:45hrs.


Waddy told Kaieteur News that he got up, switched on a light and went to the front window. Peering out, he saw a man dressed in a camouflage shirt and white short trousers standing on the road.

Not knowing that there were bandits on the landing at the side of the house trying to break the window, Waddy said he called out to his sister Carlette Williams who lives next door. “I asked her if my brother-in-law was at home. She said no and I called a relative Dandis Samaroo who is staying in the lower flat,” he said. As he spoke to his sister and other relative, Waddy said the sound at the window continued.

Then he heard the sound of glass falling and realised that the bandits were trying to get into the house.

“I open the window in the back room and jumped through it. It is about 15 feet off the ground. When I land, I get up and scaled the fence and head over to my sister,” Waddy said.

Kaieteur News understands that four men, three of whom were armed, were seen on the platform to the house. They appeared unmasked.

The woman downstairs was screaming. “They start to fire some shots and then I did not hear her screaming anymore. We thought that she was dead. After about an hour the men left,” he said.

“I tried to call the police from my cell phone and the number kept ringing out,” he said.

They subsequently discovered that US$1,030 was missing from Guru Parboo, a resident of the United States of America , who has been sharing the upper flat with Waddy.

Parboo's driver's license, social security card and his employment card were also stolen. Waddy,s wallet with $41,000 was taken as well.

Parboo came to Guyana on February 4th and is scheduled to return to the USA on February 20th. He was at the time in Georgetown , where he went to uplift his suitcases.

Dandis Samaroo said that the men kicked open the door to the apartment in which she is staying in the building.

“They tell me to be quiet and they had some long thing in their hands. They tell me to hand over the money and jewellery. But what save me was when a phone start ringing.”

Carletta Williams said that from her home, she saw the men as they ransacked some sections of the house.

“I feel is a set up, because they did not take anything else only the money. They left the TV, VCR and so many other things,” she said.

Waddy said that the owner for the house lives overseas.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005